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For Architects

  • All products are made from gypsum composite material, not metal or plastic to avoid visible cracks or rust or discoloration.
  • There is no need for a mesh or other special materials when fitting.
  • The regular filament is absorbed by the gypsum board and gypsum composite diffuser creates an unbreakable bond between plasterboard and grille, this removes the risk of any cracks due to this super-strong bond!
  • A black grill was specifically designed to disperse the air and hide the insides from the observer in the ‘Line’ diffusers.
  • The Circle/ Square diffusers have rounded inside edges to have a pleasing look for the observer.
  • No need to lower the ceiling; our diffusers have been designed to intentionally be the same as the ducting diameter + gypsum mounting profile + gypsum board. This results in a High-end finish and gives a premium quality visual to the end user.

For Installers

  • Diffusers can be installed at the same time as ducting, so there is no need to return to install diffusers after gypsum is installed resulting time & money saved on labour costs.
  • Balancing and airflow measurements can be done at the same time to complete the ventilation project, enabling the installer to produce all certification required to complete the project quickly and efficiently.
  • Universal and standard products are easy to select, easy to fit and supply, due to the universal nature of the grilles we only need to have a few different parts kept in stock to be able to fulfil multiple variations.
  • Fault forgiving material: if the plasterboard was not even or the diffuser was misaligned when fitting, it can be easily corrected by simply sanding off the excess material.
  • Multiple connection options. A plenum box can be connected from two sides, by opening the pre-cut templated connections by hand – no need for any tools. Simply press in the indicated areas and a pre-cut connection will open.
  • Premium quality, standardised items to enable fast delivery and enables us to keep vast quantities of each component in stock
  • tech support available as required

Installation Guide

Ventmann diffusers are much more than an interior design solution: they are engineered to deliver comfortable airflow exactly where you need it most. For detailed technical specifications, download our full catalogue now.

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