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The unique design of SIDE diffuser models ensures air distribution on the plane surface on which they are mounted. SIDE duct diffusers are also attractive as interior design solutions – their caps can be mounted in a circular or a square shape. It is also a practical solution.

Ventmann diffusers integrate seamlessly into your interior design, making no compromise between fresh air and clean design.

Side Round

Side Square

All Ventmann diffusers are the first on the market that can be plastered and painted together with the entire surface. In addition, even standard SIDE models can be adapted to your needs:

  • Round or Square wall mounted diffuser – you can choose the shape of the cap per your or your customer’s design requirements.
  • 100mm or 125mm – these are the smallest standard connection nozzle diameters you can select.
  • 160mm – this is the medium diameter of the standard connection nozzle that you can select.
  • 250mm – this is the maximum diameter of the standard connection nozzle that you can select.
  • Industrial strength magnets – the diffuser cap is supported by magnets that do not lose their strength for 95 years.

SIDE model diffusers provide comfortable air flow when mounted on wall or ceiling. Although we recommend choosing them for wall-mounted projects, there’s nothing keeping you from placing them in the ceiling.



Technical Information

A round & square gypsum composite short throw diffusers designed to distribute the air along the mounting surface. Perfect for placement near seating arrangements, workstations or reception desks.

Our SIDE Round & Square diffusers are suitable for plasterboard ceilings or walls and can be painted and finished in the same way as the surrounding surfaces. The gypsum composite material permanently bonds with the mounting surface, while the flat end cap attaches to the base of the diffuser using industrial strength magnets. The result: a durable but elegant air diffuser that helps create a comfortable indoor environment.

SIDE diffusers can be installed on their own or with multiple Ventmann diffusers.

Available in 100/125/160/200/250mm connector diameters.

  • Materials: Gypsum composite body with industrial strength internal magnets, steel connector, rubber seal and elastic fixing strap.
  • Air pattern: spread on the plane surface
  • 45mm diffuser depth
  • Supply or extract
  • Suitable for short throw applications
  • Includes screws, fixing strap and plastic spacers

SIDE models disperse air along any surface, creating an air flow that doesn’t blow directly onto any object. Rather, the air circulates naturally, creating an imperceptible air flow.

Installation Guide

Ventmann diffusers are much more than an interior design solution: they are engineered to deliver comfortable airflow exactly where you need it most. For detailed technical specifications, download our full catalogue now.